India Meteorological Department Non-Gazetted Staff Union was established in 19th September 1947 & has a long vivid history of solving various matters of staff.

(Shri. Sanjiv Kumar Tyagi)

General Secretary

***Letter to DGM Reg. Charter of Demand by NGSU and All Union Association ** Letter to DDGM A &S reg GR BC transfer policy******Letter to DGM reg. Transfer Policy of Group B and C*****Details in Circular***

**Non-compliance, delay and indifference to the frustated Gr B & C staff of IMD **Representation to DGM regading OTA action by IMD **Representation to MoES regarding refusal of OTA proposal ** ** ****Letter to MOES Secretary reg.Combined service consideration**Letter to Secretary MOES Reg. Delay & double standards of IMD in implementation of Govt. Policies **Letter to Secretary UPSC reg. Consideration of combined service for promotions from Group B to Group A ** **Represetation to MoES-for inclusion of members views on RR's ****Citation to Hon.MP****Letter to DGM reg.views on recruitment rules**Letter to DGM reg.nomination of acting GS**Letter to Dir ,dept of P&T reg.recruitment of SA *Letter to DGM reg declination of promotions**Letter to Secy.MOES reg.nomenclature/desg**Letter from PS of H'ble Minister.** Letter to DGM reg Denial of promotions**Delhi Tour report***Photos of Meeting with Minister and Secretary**Photos of Black day Agitation**6.(2)Issues for consideration for DGM from 7- 10.(3) Issues for consideration for secretary MoEs******** Details in circular***

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